Level Up! an 8-bit Music Concerto by Maxime Goulet

Description:Level up! is a succession of variations based on an original theme, for keyboard soloist (playing 8bit sounds) and string orchestra. Each variation evokes a typical video game situation (opening theme, time up jingle, boss fight, game over jingle, etc.). The piece is composed in homage to the video games of the composers' childhood. There is no musical quote from any video game in the piece. It is the sound track of an imaginary video game.

The video is a live capture of the premiere, during the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2012.

Composer: Maxime Goulet www.maximegoulet.com

Musicians: Ensemble Arkea www.ensemblearkea.com

Keyboard: Olivier Gosselin

Keyboard sounds: Chipsounds

www.plogue.com/products/chipsounds Audio recording: Philippe Bélair

Video: Patrick Peris www.patrickperis.com

Credits:Maxime Goulet, Ensemble Arkea, Olivier Gosselin
Subject:Maxime Goulet | Level Up!
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Created Date11 Feb 2013