Pauline, day 4 and the after affects of singer insomnia (day 5)

May 16, 2014

Day 4 and we have now had two days on the stage at the York Theatre.

Rehearsals are going swimmingly. We have sketched the bare bones of the pieces: the ins and outs of the scenes. And we have moved on to adding more life to the creature. The cast is continuing to get to know one another and the atmosphere is light and full of a working energy. We know we can do this!

Today and yesterday I have suffered from a horrible lack of sleep. Many singers have this happen to them: as you work through a piece, or an opera, the scenes get stuck in your head. Of course it's a good thing as you need to review them, but the unfortunate part is when your brain doesn't want to shut down and rest. You have ear worms swirling through your head all night long, instead of sheep. I'm not the only singer who suffers from this. Many a Facebook status has been seen when colleagues have asked the powers that be the night before a performance to 'Please, please leave them be!' And just let them sleep.

I get the added bonus of a teething toddler. My son is almost 13 months old and two night ago I was up 4 times with him. I don't mind the time awake, I'm used to that now. The hardest part is getting back to sleep! I wake to crying and then try to fall to sleep to strains of either my parts or my colleagues. is very frustrating.

This is my first role as a parent, so all in all it is a learning experience for all of my household.

But, you get up the next day. Hug the baby, and your spouse. And carry on.

Cathleen Gingrich