Pauline, day 6

May 18, 2014

Rehearsing in the theatre. What an unexpected treat.

We have had the joy and the privilege to have rehearsed the last week in the York theatre.

This is an unusual treat to have as most productions begin in a rehearsal hall or studio of some sort. Instead of a set you normally imagine one to be there and it's dimensions are taped out on the floor.

We arrived to an almost fully prepped stage with furniture already placed and spiked (a piece of tape is behind the legs so you can see where it needs to be in the dark).

We were able to be staging on this set immediately and were able to get a feel for the space: the size of the space and the sound of the room.

The stage is both new one and an old one. The York theatre opened in 1913, as a recital hall. It has seen many different uses over the last century from a vaudeville hall to a Bollywood theatre in its last incarnation before it's current one.

The Cultch purchased the building and have renovated to beautiful effect. There have been at last 3 productions in here since it opened in November 2013.

I wonder if they have experienced the same foibles we are seeing with using this size of stage? There are definite limitations regarding entrances and exits, as well as the complicated prop placement.

I truly think that our director Norman Armour is doing a marvelous job of using the limitations as advantages. Not to give anything away but we ladies end up doing many of our character changes on the stage. He has encouraged us to show our work and not to hide it.

I feel that it is quite refreshing working with someone who has not done an opera before.

Well back to rehearsal. We are into Q-2-Qs now.

Cathleen Gingrich