Pauline, day 8 (four days left till opening!)

May 20, 2014

Back after a day off and into Sitzprobe!

We are rested from a day off from each other, and in my case, I got to sleep lots yesterday!

This morning, both my hubby and my mom looked at me like I was speaking in tongues when I said we had our Sitzprobe today. I guess I should explain myself.

The Sitzprobe, or Sitz, is the German term that is used in Opera and sometimes in musical theatre for the rehearsal with orchestra and singers. Translated it means Seated Rehearsal. It is often used to describe the first time the singers and orchestra rehearse together; singers seated on stage with their scores and orchestra in the pit.

Our conductor, Charles Barber, has asked for singers to sit in a specific order on stage. This is particularly helpful for me as there are several ensemble parts that are difficult and as the orchestration changes under us, we will need to work hard.

During the rehearsal process singers learn the orchestra part with the piano. As we work it today, I will be making notes in my score that will help me to know what to listen for now. Maybe a musical cue of mine will now be in the flute or in the bassoon. This will mess me up unless I know what to listen for. This is my chance to learn this, before our first dress rehearsal tomorrow.

Its amazing that we have 4 days left until our opening night. This has been a very fast rehearsal process.

Pictures of costumes tomorrow!

Cathleen Gingrich