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Submit Proposal

Want your music to be part of Centrediscs? We’re always open to receiving new submissions. Before you submit a proposal, please be sure to read through the following criteria:

The music

We’re interested in works that have never been recorded and aren’t currently available commercially. All proposed repertoire must be written by an Associate Composer of the CMC.

Submissions must be of high quality and be consistent with other selections on the recording. Ideally, we’d like to receive works that make for an interesting yet unified program.


If you’re a composer, we’ll always do our best to ensure you get your first choice of performer, but there may be times when we’ll require you to consider alternative suggestions. All performers you choose must be committed to the recording project.

If you’re a performer, please be sure that you have the composer’s approval to record their music.

For both composers and performers, a letter of agreement must be provided to ensure that each party supports the recording. Musicians’ fees are negotiable.


When you’re putting your proposal together, please give us a sense of the nature of the recording program. For instance, is the program thematic, genre-focused, instrument-focused, etc.

Catalogue balance

Part of our consideration process will be based on ensuring that our Centrediscs catalogue remains balanced. In other words, we want to make sure that all of the different forms of instrumentation and genres are represented.

Support materials

Demo recordings must be sent by post to the CMC National office in Toronto. Applications and all written and visual materials should be sent via email, either as Word files or PDFs to Nicole Blain, nblain@musiccentre.ca.

Your proposal should include the following:

  1. A demo recording of the work(s), with sound file(s) in preferably WAV format. MP3 files may be accepted if WAV files are not available. Only CDs are acceptable, must be properly indexed and include the proper labelling information (duration, recording location, date of performance, date of composition, and names of performing artists).
  2. An application describing the recording project in detail, listing repertoire and the performing artists and duration for each work. Also, please provide an estimated budget for the recording production.
  3. A curriculum vitae and/or biographical history of each composer and performer that would appear on the recording.
  4. If available in PDF format, scores of the works may also be included.
  5. A letter of intent regarding the promotion of the recording. See Promotion guideline below.


We will not commit to any projects until full funding has been provided. In the event that your funding is withdrawn or any other unavoidable situation occurs, Centrediscs reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement.

As a non-profit organization, we understand the challenges that come with raising the amount of money needed for these projects. That’s why we strongly encourage you to apply for a grant. Grant applications are written by the performer or the composer of the recording project. While we can’t apply for grants on your behalf, we’ll answer any questions you might have about the application process.

For any questions regarding grant applications, please contact Nicole Blain at nblain@musiccentre.ca.


Once your submission is approved, you’ll be expected to provide funding for any production expenses. We’d be happy to provide you with advice on how to go about raising funds.


Once you’ve completed your recording, you’ll want to let everyone know about it – whether it’s promoting and marketing through touring, off-stage sales, advertising, a web site linked to the CMC website for sales processing, etc. A letter of intent letting us know what promotional activities you intend to undertake must accompany every submission application.

To help you promote and distribute your finished recording, we’ll provide you with the following:

  • Press release, including a CD, to major music media for review, using a combined contact list (i.e. CMC list + composer/performer list)
  • Possible launch in collaboration
  • Distribution for sale of the album
  • Physical distribution: Naxos which targets North, South and Central America
  • Major online distribution: Amazon and iTunes
  • Additional online distribution: Naxos which has 300 (three hundred) plus online distributors worldwide including eMusic, Spotify, Zune, etc.
  • Streaming libraries: Over 2000 subscriptions through Naxos
  • Promotion on the CMC website, CMC Facebook and CMC Twitter
  • Promotion in CMC offices in British Columbia, Prairie, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic regions.

To submit your proposal

CDR support recordings should be mailed to:

Nicole Blain
Centrediscs Recording Project
c/o Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1J9

Please be patient. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive your proposal, however it can take 2-3 weeks to hear back about your project.

If your request is urgent, (e.g. you are applying for grant funding and there is an upcoming deadline), please email Nicole Blain , nblain@musiccentre.ca.