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Since we first launched Centrediscs in 1981, our award-winning recording label has been dedicated to showcasing the talent of Canadian composers. Follow us on twitter for updates on upcoming releases, grant deadlines, concerts, events and more: @centrediscs.

Chura-churum / the Merman of Orford
CD-CMCCD 15309

Piano Atlantica
CD-CMCCD 15210

Night Chill
CD-CMCCD 15109

CD-CMCCD 15009
Rubbing Stone

Rubbing Stone
CD-CMCCD 14909

Invisible Cities
CD-CMCCD 14809

Earth Songs
CD-CMCCD 14709

Simple Lines of Enquiry
CD-CMCCD 14609

Harry Somers - Piano Works
CD-CMCCD 14509

CD-CMCCD 14409

CD-CMCCD 14309

The Fool / the Death of Enkidu
CD-CMCCD 14209

Pond Life
CD-CMCCD 14109

Lament in the Trampled Garden
CD-CMCCD 14009

Cult Figures
CD-CMCCD 13908

Entre Belacqua Et Nell
CD-CMCCD 13808

Renew'd at Ev'ry Glance
CD-CMCCD 13708

Due East
CD-CMCCD 13608

This Will Not Be Televised
CD-CMCCD 13508

CD-CMCCD 13408
Launch Pad

Launch Pad
CD-CMCCD 13308

So You Want to Write a Fugue?
CD-CMCCD 13208

Rain in the Forest
CD-CMCCD 13108

Canadian Composers Portraits: Alcides Lanza
CD-CMCCD 13007

CD-CMCCD 12907

A Child's Cry from Izieu
CD-CMCCD 12807

CD-CMCCD 12707

This Isn’t Silence
CD-CMCCD 12607

Le Signe Du Lion
CD-CMCCD 12507

The Winds of Thera
CD-CMCCD 12407

Midwinter Night's Dream
CD-CMCCD 12306

Quantum Mechanics
CD-CMCCD 12206

Canadian Organ Music Showcase
CD-CMCCD 12106

3 Solos: R. Murray Schafer

How Bodies Leave Ecstatic Marks
CD-CMCCD 11907