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Share your music with the rest of the world with the help of the CMC’s Recording Distribution Service. Our service currently features over 1,500 independent recordings by more than 200 labels from Canada and around the world.

Whether you’re interested in physical CD distribution or going digital, our extensive network will give you access to leading offline and online retailers, as well as other highly-targeted distribution channels. Our consignment rates are highly competitive – and we’ll even take care of all the inventory, point-of-sale, reporting and remuneration for you.

Some of the genres and styles we currently feature include:

Genres Styles
  • Orchestral
  • Band, i.e. Wind Band
  • Solo
  • Chamber
  • Electroacoustic
  • Vocal
  • Choral
  • Opera
  • Contemporary classical
  • Children, youth
  • Jazz, improvised, musique actuelle
  • Techno, ambient
  • World
  • ...and more!

How it works

  • At least 50% of the music on your recording must be composed by Associate Composers of the CMC (check out our complete list of Composers).
  • We can only enter into distribution agreements with your recording label – not with individual composers or performers on the recording (unless they also legally represent the label).
  • We operate on a consignment basis only – in other words, CMC doesn’t purchase inventory from labels.
  • You must commit to a minimum two-year non-exclusive term with CMC-DS for physical distribution. The term is for digital distribution also has a two year minimum, but is exclusive.
  • CMC distribution territory is worldwide only.
  • Your CD must be a retail-ready product (i.e. pressed and printed CD, visible UPC and catalogue number, and shrink-wrapped). Unfortunately, our distribution and marketing partners will reject any product that’s not up to professional packaging standards. You’re responsible for the cost of shipping your CD to the CMC’s Toronto location.
  • You must be willing to allow us to stream your music on our website, include your music in our podcasts, and use copies of your recordings for promotional purposes.
  • You must be willing to allow CMC to set the price of your physical CD. CMC has no control over pricing by online services such as iTunes, so you must be willing to accept their pricing as well.
  • You are responsible for royalty payments on each recording sold, i.e. to composers, performers, conductors, producers, etc.

Submitting your CD

To submit your CD for distribution, please e-mail Ana Maria Lipoczi, Music Services Manager. Be sure to provide:

  • A track listing detailing composer, title, and duration for each track.
  • A one-sheet or any other marketing material you have developed for your CD.
  • Please specify whether you want physical distribution, digital distribution, or both.