Title Composer Record Typesort icon Composition Date Duration Call Number
(for trumpet and piano) N/A
Young composer's anthology
a collection of compositions by students of Frontenac County
1929-2016 Monograph 1989 N/A MC 3700 C911yo
Patrick Cardy
1953-2005 Monograph 1989 N/A PH C269a
Sir Ernest MacMillan :
the importance of being Canadian
Ezra Schabas
Monograph 1994 N/A ML 422 .M35S35
Barbara Pentland
Sheila Jane Eastman
Monograph 1983 N/A ML 410 .P284E3
Alternative voices :
essays on contemporary vocal and choral composition
1919-2012 Monograph 1984 N/A ML 1406 .A57
Harry Somers
1942- Monograph 1975 N/A ML 410 S662C5
Canadian music
issues of hegemony and identity
Monograph 1994 N/A ML 205 .C38 1994
Canadian music of the twentieth century
George A. Proctor
Monograph 1980 N/A ML 205.5 .P76
The aesthetic functionality of film music based on cooperation and counteraction of tensities, illustrated in film music of Robert Fleming
William Herbert Louis Godsalve
Monograph 1981 N/A THESIS 0137
L'oeuvre et les procédés de composition chez Claude Champagne
Louise Bail-Milot
Monograph 1972 N/A THESIS 410
Une possible rencontre entre la musique et la peinture québécoises d'aujourd'hui
1945- Monograph 1995 N/A ML 3849 B24 1995
Reginald Godden plays :
the musical adventures of a Canadian pianist
Reginald Godden
Monograph 1990 N/A ML 410 .G535G63
The choral music of Violet Archer
Harvey Huiner
Monograph 1980 N/A THESIS 898
Music at Toronto
a personal account
1927- Monograph 1995 N/A MT 5 T68F42
The Eckhardts' in Winnipeg :
a cultural legacy
Ferdinand Eckhardt
Monograph 1987 N/A ML 410 .E32E3
My lessons with Kumi :
how I learned to perform with confidence in life and work
1932- Monograph 2000 N/A BF 632 C57 2000
John Weinzweig : his words and his music
as heard at Convocation on June 11, 1982 in Convocation Hall, University of Toronto
1913-2006 Monograph 1986 N/A ML 410. W398A3
Sounds & reflections :
a collection of essays & lectures with fragments from the score of Impromptus for piano in the background
1913-2006 Monograph 1990 N/A ML 410 .W3712A5
Crosscurrents and counterpoints :
offerings in honor of Bengt Hambræus at 70
Monograph 1998 N/A ML 410 .H175C76
Women & music
a journal of gender and culture
Monograph 1997 N/A ML 82 W66 v.2 1998
Curtin call :
a photographer's candid view of 25 years of music in Canada
Walter Curtin
Monograph 1994 N/A ML 87 .C87
Music in Canada
a research and information guide
Carl Morey
Monograph 1997 N/A ML 120 .C2M67
Catalogue of Canadian composers.
Edited by Helmut Kallmann
Monograph 1952 N/A ML 106 .C3C3
A history of music in Canada, 1534-1914
Helmut Kallmann
Monograph 1960 N/A ML 205 .K34
Talivaldis Kenins
starp divam pasaulem
Ingrida Zemzare
Monograph 1994 N/A ML 410 K37 Z46
Music in Canada
1893-1973 Monograph 1955 N/A ML 205 .M8
Healey Willan : life and music
1931-2009 Monograph 1983 N/A ML 410 W668
Music in Canada, 1600-1800
Willy Amtmann
Monograph 1975 N/A ML 205 .A48
Music from within
a biography of the Composer S C Eckhardt-Gramatté
Ferdinand Eckhardt
Monograph 1985 N/A ML 410 .E2883E23