Songs from the Spheres

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Ensemble/Performer: Stacie Dunlop

Songs from the Spheres

Songs from the Spheres encompasses works from the ever-broadening sphere that is my life. In memory of two wonderful composers I have programmed “Wisdom Aria” from Nic Gotham’s Negredo Hotel (1992), a work that I learned in the late 1990’s, and Spanish Skies, which I commissioned from Harry Freedman in 2003. R. Murray Schafer’s Kinderlieder (1954),was recorded as part of the Centrediscs CD My life in Widening Circles, which included Six Songs from Rilke’s Book of Hours, a work I commissioned from him in 2006. The songs by Tawnie Olson and Clark Ross were commissioned in 2011 for my Baudelaire project Rêve doux-amer. The other two works, In Black Ink (2011) by Linda Catlin Smith and Still Life (2013) for solo piano by Brian Harman, bring me forward to my current sphere filled with talented friends and colleagues of Toronto’s vibrant new music community. -- Stacie Dunlop

Kinderlieder: R. Murray Schafer
In Black Ink: Linda Catlin Smith
Spanish Skies: Harry Freedman


Still life: Brian Harman
Love and Oblivion; Two Songs on Baudelaire Texts: Clark Ross
Le Revenant: Tawnie Olson
"Wisdom Aria" from Nigredo Hotel: Nic Gotham

Stacie Dunlop, soprano

Cheryl Duvall, piano

Programme: R. Murray Schafer, Harry Freedman, Tawnie Olson, Clark Ross, Nic Gotham, Brian Harman and Linda Catlin Smith.

February 26th
7:30 pm

Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph St.
Toronto, ON, M4Y 1J9

$35 at the Door
Advance $30
Student $20
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