January 31st 2013 CentrePulse: New Composer Opportunities!

February 7, 2013
British Columbia

Dear friends,

Below please find our newly updated February concert listings!

January 31st 2013 CentrePulse!


We'd love to know about your upcoming British Columbia concerts and events featuring Canadian music for a future edition of Centrepulse. Please send all details, as well as a brief description of the event, to bcregion@musiccentre.ca.

This newsletter includes:

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Saturday, June 9, 2012
Event Title: A Community Celebration Seaside
  • Region: Atlantic
  • Venue / Location: Queen’s Landing, 1707 Lower Water St. Halifax Waterfront
  • Time: 11:00pm
  • Price: --
  • Genre: --
  • External Link: --

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A Community Celebration Seaside
Location: Queen’s Landing, 1707 Lower Water St. Halifax Waterfront, Saturday June 9, 2012, 7pm to sunset.
Cost: Free.