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by wilbeau
on April 10, 2017

Editing creates more and more sense out of a work or text. Everything in a piece is there for more than one reason; a chord might support the melody and develop a counter melody. An inner voice might give breathing room to the main tune but add a small, unexpected surprise to the texture.

I have just re-imagined a set of songs originally written over 20 years ago and observe that the harmonies were chosen often to clash with the vocal line. They were chords and clusters selected with joy, I was happy just to play them so long ago, but now I work to meld them into a cohesive shape.

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Call Number: CD 1629
Ensemble/Performer: Doug MacNaughton
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2014
Record Label: Independent

MacNaughton’s first self-produced album is an intimate, poetic journey. Guitarias includes compositions for voice and guitar (hence the name: guitar/arias) all performed by the singer accompanying himself: John Beckwith's Beckett Songs (three songs to poems of Samuel Beckett), Leslie Uyeda's Flower Arranger (a single song to a poem of Joy Kogawa), and William Beauvais' The Truth of Matter (four songs to poems of Linda Hogan), which were all commissioned by Doug MacNaughton.

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