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by wilbeau
on March 7, 2016

I had a very special experience while playing a concert on the weekend: it seemed like a good idea to open with an improvisation. The spontaneous creation led straight into the first programmed work winding up on the first note of the opening piece. Something told me to wait for the nervous energy to dissipate before moving into the official program. The transition worked remarkably well, putting me right into the zone where I could give maximum expression the to programmed work.

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by CMC Ontario Library Residency
on March 30, 2016

To listen to archival recordings of Nameless Hour, use your free CMC account and access our centrestreams player at various points in the post!

By Nick Storring

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by ARTerra
on March 21, 2016

Deadline: 30th April 2016
Location: Portugual, Lobão da Beira

ARTErra is a multidisciplinary artistic residency placed in the green and friendly village of Lobão da Beira. We began our project with the aims of hosting artists by providing them with accommodations, work place and cultural and ideas exchanges with the community and other artists.
The studios, surroundend by a big garden, a small animal yard and an orchard, are spacious and bright spaces perfect to do some research and develop your project in a very relax and comfy environment.

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by wilbeau
on March 21, 2016

I have started falling in love with flats. A guitar player tends to find them hard to enjoy because in regular tuning they mean lots of barre chords and sore hands. In altered tunings things can change and one of the pieces on my latest CD is in G minor [2 flats]. I have just written another piece filled with flats: a birthday card for my wife. It opens and closes in a sharp key [G maj], but even that section is contains a great many flats.