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on April 10, 2016

Peter Hatch’s Wiki Mozart: The Oboe Quartet Remixed
A Lecture Recital by Elizabeth Eccleston
Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto
Monday, April 18th, 2016 3pm
Free Admission

Sharon Lee, violin
Woosol Cho, viola
Dobrochna Zubek, violoncello

*In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts
from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Quartet in F Major, K. 370 - W. A. Mozart
Wiki Mozart - Peter Hatch

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on April 23, 2016

Sometimes there is a bit of shame, in the last few weeks I have been practicing and recording improvisations. When you are trying ideas for the first time peculiar things happen. Today for example, playing along with my eyes closed I could have sworn my fingers were at the 2nd fret but they were really at the 5th. Other times I began to play a line that was clear for the first few notes then got fuzzy, resulting in lots of clicks and confusion. At times I have taken the Miles Davis approach – “there are no mistakes”. I just repeat the click and try to make it a feature of the passage.

Patrick K's picture
on April 25, 2016

Good day everyone

I'm back with a lot of good news!

To start I'd like to thank Richard Mascall for taking me under his wing. I find myself very privileged to be able to have the chance to learn from the best. Thank you Richard!

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on April 28, 2016

“with nothing but a story, and time” – Linda Hogan

As you learn and work on a piece of music the narrative flow becomes the driving force for an interpretation. Sometimes it takes a very long time to find the best way to deliver a passage. Yesterday I was playing one of my own pieces, a fairly easy one, and realized I was rushing into a section, that it needed to start more like coming into a turn while driving before speeding up. It seemed so obvious as this registered and now I have to figure out why it took so long to discover that basic notion.