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Myth meets music at Music on Main’s The Orpheus Project

Myth meets music at Music on Main’s The Orpheus Project

juillet 17, 2014

Music on Main’s ambitious The Orpheus Project lets composers and performers riff on the tale while their audiences roam the Cultch

"David Pay, artistic director of Music on Main, has been challenging the uptight conventions of classical music for a while, bringing artists such as pianist Jane Coop to jazz bars, staging casual concert series at Heritage Hall, and launching the cutting-edge Modulus Festival.

But nothing he’s tackled thus far quite matches the ambition of The Orpheus Project. Billed as an “immersive musical event”, the production is an exploration of the Orpheus myth that will have audience members roam the entire Cultch theatre (from stage to dressing rooms), discovering various performers and artists along the way.

“When I see things that I really get excited about artistically, I kind of want to possess them,” Pay relates, in conversation with the Straight at a Fraser Street café. “If I see a piece of visual art I like, I want it. And when I see a performance of music I’m crazy about, I want to put it on-stage.”

A few years ago, Pay recalls, he saw an immersive theatre work by the English performance group dreamthinkspeak, and was motivated to do something similar..."