Glass Houses for Marimba

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Date de Parution : 2015
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Glass Houses for Marimba
Music by Ann Southam

Performed and arranged by Taktus
Greg Harrison, percussion
Jonny Smith, percussion

Ann Southam’s Glass Houses (1981) is a stunning collection of Canadian minimalist music. Combining smooth, soaring melodies with intricate counter-rhythms, each piece takes the listener on a journey through a gradually unfolding sonic experience. Inspired by the music of Philip Glass, Ann originally composed these pieces for solo piano. The brilliance of these works is the continual shifting of the rhythmic melodies against the metric bass line. The Glass Houses collection is a hallmark of 20th Century Canadian composition.

Greg Harrison and Jonny Smith, the young Canadian percussion duo known as Taktus, have arranged several of the Glass Houses as duets for marimba. The percussive nature of the marimba accentuates the rhythmic interplay between melody and bass line. The warm harmonic resonance of the instrument’s wooden keys give the music a new sound and vibe. The Taktus arrangements are a modern and creative reshaping of Ann’s classic works.

Ann’s delight in hearing one of these arrangements was the impetus for these new marimba versions to be recorded. Now, after almost six years of shaping and refining their arrangements, the Taktus duo presents their debut album, Glass Houses for Marimba. Dynamic and compelling minimalist music from one of Canada’s most renowned composers, arranged and performed by two creative contemporary artists.

Track List:

1. Glass Houses No. 5

2. Glass Houses No. 13

3. Glass Houses No. 1

4. Glass Houses No. 7

5. Glass Houses No. 8

6. Glass Houses No. 9

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