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Norma Beecroft’s Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music Now Available!

Norma Beecroft’s Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music Now Available!

janvier 26, 2016

(Toronto, ON) – From the moment she heard Vladimir Ussachevsky’s early tape piece, Sonic Contours, during his Toronto visit in the mid-50s, Canadian composer Norma Beecroft has been fascinated by electronic music. In addition to producing an impressive, and often overlooked body of work with electronic tape, that early interest set Beecroft upon a journey that culminated in the launch of Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music; an e-book featuring interviews with more than 20 crucial figures of the Post World War II era.

The book explores a variety of themes: the rise of technologies including magnetic tape to the computer, the establishment of prominent electronic music studios in Europe and North America, and the unique perspectives and motivations of towering figures in 20th century music, among others.

In this ebook Beecroft documents an extraordinary period of time in the history of music. The post-war era exhibited an unprecedented level of creativity that brought technology to the foreground in music unlike any previous period of time. Through discussions with the featured composers, Beecroft shows how the depth and level of enthusiasm of this technological engagement defined the era.

This unique collection features discussions with composers such as Pierre Schaeffer, Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Hugh Davies. Beecroft also includes several interviews with Canadian colleagues: Gustav Ciamaga, Bill Buxton, James Montgomery, Barry Truax, and Bengt Hambraeus. Beecroft's well-informed and thoughtful approach to each interview allows the featured composers to elaborate on their own work and the status of electronic music at the time.

Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music is a must-have for music enthusiasts and electronic music practitioners.

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Special thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, who supported the production of this ebook.

Reactions to Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music:

“Norma Beecroft's Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music is a unique collection of significant statements that portray the emergence of Electronic Music as a new art form. These interviews with the artists who created Electronic Music in the postwar period bear witness to the engagement and commitment of the 20th Century's most advanced musical minds to this new creative medium, even as it was still emerging. Norma Beecroft's skill as an interviewer unlocks her subjects' thoughts and memories with stunning clarity, and her knowledge of the practice of Electronic Music composition brings us into the topics in great depth. This is a landmark assembly that documents the beginnings and early history of one of the most revolutionary developments in music.”

- David Jaeger and the Canadian Electronic Ensemble

“Norma Beecroft has given us an invaluable gift of a compilation of 23 interviews with key pioneers of electronic and computer music in both Europe and North America. Given that these interviews all date from a key period (1977-78), we get unique personal insights from the first generation of innovators, most of whom have now passed on, some from a second generation, concluding with three then young Canadians (Buxton, Montgomery, Truax) who represented future trends. This overview is set against the opening of the largest research institution devoted to music and technology, IRCAM in Paris, and the start of the microprocessor having its now familiar impact on the public at large. Taken as a whole, these interviews provide valuable insights not found in textbooks to what the pioneering figures did and thought about each other’s approaches, through to the profound technological changes that marked the transition from analog to digital technology, all framed within the composers’ perspectives on creative applications.”

- Barry Truax


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