Celebrating Canadian Women!

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Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2017
Étiquette du disque : Independent

The Celebrating Canadian Women! project aims to bring wider attention to underrepresented works in the flute literature by women composers and to promote new commissions.

Laurel Swinden, flute
Stephanie Mara, piano


Rcahel Laurin
Jean Coulthard
Sylvia Rickard
Heather Schmidt
Laura Pettigrew
Emily Doolittle
Alice Ping Yee Ho

Track Listing:

1. Sonata pour flute et piano - Rachel Laurin
2. Music on a Quiet Song - Jean Coulthard, tran. S. Mara
3. Rarescale - Sylvia Rickard

Sonata for Flute and Piano - Heather Schmidt

4. I: Allegro
5. II: Lento e mesto
6. III: Allegro energico

7. Echoes on Deception Lake - Laura Pettigrew

Music for Magpies - Emily Doolittle

8. Pied Butcherbird
9. Hoopoe Lark
10. Ringed River Snike
11. Pileated Pocket Grouse

Suite for Flute and Piano - Alice Ping Yee Ho

12. I: Prelude
13. II: Scherzo
14. III: Nocturno
15. IV: Impromptu

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