Les Meandres Du Reve

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Chronaxie (932.25 kb)
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Prélude aux méandres (938.37 kb)
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Cote: CD 192
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 1993
Étiquette du disque : empreintes DIGITALes

"Dear Serge,

"I had always thought (without thinking) that musique was concrète when it drew on concrete, extant sounds to build an imaginary world. Now I realize I was missing half the point. Always rooted in the natural sound world, you use your sound-painter's colourbox to extend the world we know into that dream state you are so fond of naming. Of invoking an evoking. You make imagined sounds concrete.

"These pieces have been mileposts for me on my labyrinthine journey towards a truly inner ear. They loom like spectres on the landscape of my aural memory. The invocation of that horn still haunts me six years after I first heard those 'glimmer' and ventured through that beaded curtain into your personal vision of an REM-driven world, toward the exuberant sounds of joyous children, melting into something of a 'tangerine dream'... I am touched afresh with each listening."
- David Olds, Toronto, September 1993

1. Prélude aux méandres

2. La porte des sables

3. Murmure

4. Errances

5. Lueurs

6. Résurgence

7. Chronaxie

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