Astonishing Sense

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Insect Life (933.88 kb)
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Mother Too (931.84 kb)
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SKU: CD-ES 98003
Cote: CD 558
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2012
Étiquette du disque : earsay productions

Susan Frykberg is a composer of electroacoustic music who often combines feminist ideas and theatrical processes in her work. She has created a number of “environments” in which stories (often mythological) of women’s lives are the “context” for her music. Since the birth of her son, Esha, much of her music has attempted to bring some sense of the momentous and awe inspiring nature of birth-giving (and hence motherhood) into her work

" emotional chisel...sonically expressing something that is inexpressible, and ultimately beyond mere words or music." - eContact

"...primal, cathartic...its frenetic sounds will certainly get your heart racing in short order. All [tracks] are tremendously powerful in different ways." -

1. Mother Too

2. Insect Life

3. Birth / Rebirth Bearing Me

4-6. The Audio Birth Project

7. Sue and Kathy Telecompose Across the Country

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