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WU (1,630.71 kb)
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SKU: CD-CR 9092
Cote: CD 962
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2012
Étiquette du disque : Candareen Records

"Imagine a 70-something composer sitting in a porch swing, daydreaming of his childhood, drawing out of himself - in a kind of free associative manner - the pre-urban, rustic sounds and folksongs and lullabies that comforted him as a child. Having reached the age where such memories are frequent and bittersweet, I recognize all too clearly Komorous' longing to walk, once more, along a certain overgrown path. Wu is the spirtual heir to Janacek's great paen to memory and aging and a masterpiece in its own right."
- Sequenza 21

1. WU for piano solo (2002-03)

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