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New music inspired by Turing premiered at Manchester

New music inspired by Turing premiered at Manchester

novembre 5, 2012

A concert of electroacoustic music this weekend (28 October), inspired by renowned, mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing is to be held at the University of Manchester where he taught.

"The concert celebrates the centenary of Alan Turing, who joined The University of Manchester in 1948 where he remained until his death, and is regarded as the father of modern computing.

The pieces, by renowned Canadian composer Barry Truax and University of Manchester PhD researcher Mark Pilkington will be part of the four concert series Mantis Festival of Electroacoustic Music at The University’s Martin Harris Centre from 27 to 28 October.

Although his genius was most recognised in the UK for his work breaking German codes during the Second World War, Turing is seen as the father of the modern computer..."


Compositeurs apparentés : Barry Truax