Coast X Coast: Electroacoustic Presentation

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Event Title: Coast X Coast: Electroacoustic Presentation
  • Region: 7
  • Venue / Location: Chalmers House, 20 Saint Joseph Street, Toronto
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Price: $(FREE)
  • Genre: Electronic / Multimedia
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The CMC is pleased to host the Toronto edition of Coast X Coast, a unique electroacoustic event curated by composers Brian Garbet and James O’Callaghan. Having toured the event to Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, Coast X Coast serves as a link between the various artists across the country exploring the expansive realm of electroacoustics. Coast X Coast offers an informal and accessible presentation including electroacoustic compositions from emerging composers across the country. The event is designed for the initiated and uninitiated alike. Composers will demonstrate their pieces using 8-channel diffusion at times combined with live-coding, found sound/objects, and more.

Featured composers include: Brian Garbet, James O'Callaghan, Adam Tindale and Brian Ruryk

This event is generously sponsored by Moog Audio of Toronto. (