Derek Charke: Raga Sept for single flute quartet

Description:Multitrack recording by Derek Charke (flutes). There are two versions of Raga Sept: (1) Single, for flute quartet (2 C flutes, Alto, and Bass), and (2) Double, for two quartets (4 C flutes, 2 Alto, 2 Bass). Raga Sept is not based on an authentic Raga, but rather attempts to emulate the sound world through the use of various extended flute techniques.Raga Sept is in 7/8 time. Many sounds are created with a technique whereby the flutist must enunciate the word 'cha' to produce the desired 'toneless' and rough sounding effect. Most of my works in this Raga Series use Hindi numbers to designate the time signature. 'Saat' is the English translation of the number seven in Hindi. However, that name was used for another Raga quartet. Instead, this work uses the French 'Sept'.
Credits:Derek Charke
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Created Date24 Jul 2014