Derek Charke: Concerto Grossomovement II. Andante Moderato premiered by the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra

Description:Premiere performance by the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, Dinuk Wijeratne, Music Director. Featuring Nelly Chen, Jaewon Choi, Marc Blouin and Chris Eagles. April 28, 2013 Saint Andrews United Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
In a Concerto Grosso (a form developed in the baroque era) a group of soloists, called the concertino, alternates material with the larger ensemble, the ripieno. The soloists in this work are flute, clarinet, violin and mallet percussion (marimba and vibraphone). This combination of woodwinds, strings and percussion is essentially a paired down version of the entire orchestra (minus brass). In this work the solo concertino acts as one unit. It is rare to hear the individual soloists for an extended period. A kaleidoscope of colours, sustained chords, and melody notes, are continuously re-orchestrated amongst the four soloists.There are three movements.
Movement II. Andante Moderato, is a lamentation using the technique of a chaconne, a repeated chord progression that continues throughout. It is orchestrated for muted strings, muted trombones, and the concertino ensemble. Descending figurations, traditionally employed in a lament, are given to the solo instruments.
Credits:Derek Charke. Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, Dinuk Wijeratne, Music Director
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Created Date28 Apr 2013