Ladom Ensemble live at CMC Toronto

August 6, 2014

Event Title: Ladom Ensemble
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Region: National Performance Space
Venue / Location: Canadian Music Centre 20 St. Joseph Street Toronto ON M4Y 1J9
Time: 7:30pm
Price: $20 at the door
Genre: Mixed Chamber Ensembles (1-9 Performers)
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Ladom Ensemble short biography:

Conceived in 2009, Ladom Ensemble and their self-titled album are gaining international attention. The co-founders and composers for the group, Hamidi (piano) and Pjanić (accordion), integrate traditional Persian and Balkan musics within a contemporary classical groundwork supported by Pelchat St-Jacques (cello) and Campbell (percussion). Ladom Ensemble is intelligent, culturally elegant, and thoroughly entertaining.

Description of the show:

Ladom Ensemble presents refreshing original compositions as well as arranged music inspired by Persian, Balkan, and other music from around the world. This acoustic quartet, which has made appearances on BBC TV and CBC Radio, consists of four members: accordion, cello, piano, and percussion. Their debut self-titled album received rave reviews in what Wholenote magazine called “a great group performing great music in a new world music direction.” On CBC’s Big City Small World radio program, Ladom was described as “such a fascinating mix and it really works well." Collectively they create an intelligent, culturally elegant, and thoroughly entertaining show.

Members list:

Marie-Cristine Pelchat St-Jacques – cello
Michael Bridge – accordion
Adam Campbell – percussion
Pouya Hamidi – piano

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