Alice Ping Yee Ho: Ballade for An Ancient Warrior World Premiere

Description:Performance of Alice Ho's "Ballade for An Ancient Warrior"

Alice Ping Yee Ho (Hong Kong/Canada 1960)
Ballade for An Ancient Warrior (2011) *World Premiere
(Commissioned by NMC with the Assistance of the Canada Council)

Ryan Scott solo percussion Xin Wang soprano
Dianne Aitken flute
Max Christie clarinet
Elizabeth Raum oboe
Jim Gardiner trumpet
Joan Watson horn
Ian Cowie trombone
Gregory Oh piano
Joseph Macerollo accordion
Timothy Ying, Carol Lynn Fujino violins
Douglas Perry viola
David Hetherington cello
Edward Tait contrabass
Robert Aitken direction
Credits:Alice Ping Yee Ho, CMC
Subject:Alice Ping Yee Ho | Ballade for an ancient warrior
Related People:Alice Ping Yee HoAlice Ping Yee Ho
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Created Date31 Jan 2014