Daniel Janke: "Finding Milton" performed by Longest Night Ensemble

Description:An homage to the late Canadian poet Milton Acorn, who was born in PEI, using excerpts from his famous poem "The Natural History of Elephants."

Won the MITY professional award at the Dawson City Film Festival.
"An example of the beauty and brilliance of a Bravo! FACT-funded film. Directed by Yukon filmmaker Daniel Janke, Finding Milton reintroduces the work of Canadian poet Milton Acorn."
- Kathryn Hepburn, What's Up Yukon

Director: Daniel Janke
Writer: Milton Acorn
Music: Daniel Janke, Longest Night Ensemble
Actor: David Ramsden
Producer: Northern Town Films Inc.
Funders: Bravo!FACT/Yukon Film & Sound Commission
Credits:Daniel Janke, Milton Acorn, Longest Night Ensemble, David Ramsden
Related People:Daniel JankeDaniel Janke
Created Date12 Oct 2012