Ladom Ensemble

Region: Atlantic
Ladom Ensemble

Profile Type: Ensemble
I Play: Accordion, Drum, Piano


The idea for the Ladom Ensemble began in 2009 in the back of a music lecture at the University of Toronto. Pouya Hamidi (piano) and Nemanja Pjanić (accordion) went on to discuss the potential of a musical group that combined their ethnic backgrounds with the classical training they were receiving. Since the formation of Ladom Ensemble, they have played numerous festivals (including the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal), toured in Ontario and Quebec, recorded their self-titled album, and been featured on BBC-Persian TV. They have also collaborated with Elisha Denburg and Igor Correia of the Toy Piano Composers, and featured guests such as Brenna MacCrimmon, TorQ Percussion Quartet, and Persian percussionist Araz Nayeb Pashayee.

Ladom EnsembleThe identities of Ladom’s members contribute to their unique musical make-up. The co-founders and composers for the group, Hamidi (piano) and Pjanić (accordion), lend the main ethnic components to the Ensemble’s sound. Born in Iran and the Serbian Republic respectively, they integrate key elements of traditional Persian and Balkan musics within a contemp orary classical groundwork supported by the two Canadian members – Marie-Cristine Pelchat St-Jacques (cello, Quebec) and Adam Campbell (percussion, Prince Edward Island). Their contemporary, cross-cultural interpretations are apt, energetic, and innovative, incorporating inspirations of Persian hammered dulcimer, Sevdalinka (Bosnian folk music), and Argentinian tango (Piazzolla). Collectively, the music that Ladom Ensemble creates is intelligent, culturally elegant, and thoroughly entertaining.

Campbell (TorQ Percussion Quartet) and Pelchat St-Jacques both hold Masters of Music performance degrees from the University of Toronto and are professional musicians in diverse musical settings. Hamidi and Pjanić each have one or more Bachelors degrees from the same school, Hamidi focusing on composition and performance, and Pjanić on music and education. Hamidi is also a founding member of the Iranian Canadian Composers of Toronto, and a major creative force behind the opening concert of Harbourfront Tirgan Festival, 2013.

Members list:

Marie-Cristine Pelchat St-Jacques – cello
Michael Bridge – accordion
Adam Campbell – percussion
Pouya Hamidi – piano

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