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Call for Canadian Women Composers

Call for Canadian Women Composers

December 23, 2014

As a Canadian Woman Composer and CMC Associate I am fulfilling a term as a Resident Scholar and Composer in Residence December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015 for the Adkins Chiti Foundation, Women in Music, in Fiuggi, Italy http://www.donneinmusica.org/en/

Part of my research project is compiling a comprehensive list and biographies of ALL Canadian Women Composers past to present. Upon completion the information will be added to the Foundation’s Encyclopedia of Women Composers and Songwriters worldwide. In addition I will be looking to publish the entire compilation of ALL Canadian Women Composers past and present in both Canada and Italy in association with the Adkins Chiti Foundation providing an historical and factual compilation of Canadian Women Composers. It is of the utmost importance to create and maintain a Historical record as many web sites and the information in current Encyclopedia are neither complete nor inclusive.

Composers and Songwriters are invited to submit the following information noted below directly to me in addition to providing this call to any and all Canadian Women Composers and Songwriters they are aware of who are not currently members of SOCAN, CMC, CLC, CNMN and ACWC given it is of the utmost importance to ensure inclusivity in the compilation.

As you can appreciate as composers we are engrossed with our own writing projects and research consumes a great deal of our time over and above our professional and familial commitments. Thus the onus is on you as living composers and songwriters to provide the information required as my time will be spent compiling the information in addition to collecting information on Women composers now deceased.



The Foundation now has over four thousand European bios already on line and is proceeding with the preparation of others from the rest of the world. Please send to l.petti@sasktel.net the following materials in WORD: Font Times 11 Spacing 1.5

• Short curriculum including date and place of birth and current residence (no more than 20 lines)
• Please include your various activities apart from writing music (ie teaching, editing, radio, theatre etc.)
• Listing of prizes won or scholarships or residences undertaken (maximum 15 lines)
• List of 10 works and/or 10 cds that you consider important for your profile (you may include instrumentation and details of first performance/prize won)
• Publisher, Genre and Record Label if applicable.
• Contact address – email and/or website Link Also please send a good portrait in PDFor jpeg

Laura Pettigrew www.laurapettigrew.com
Composer in Residence
Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica

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