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Colin Labadie: Biography

Colin Labadie
1984 -
Region: Ontario

Colin Labadie

Colin Labadie used to race home after school so he could secretly play his dad’s guitar before he got home from work. After mastering countless Metallica solos as an aspiring twelve year old, he eventually went on to become a Doctor (…of music).

As a composer, Colin writes notably un-classical music for classical instruments. Through simple patterning and subtle variation, he seeks to build intricate yet clear structures and sounds. As a performer, he does exactly the opposite, creating noisy and chaotic textures, usually with mutant guitars or homemade circuits. He often roots around in thrift stores, hunting for odd sounds in the world of forgotten electronics.

Somewhere between these two extremes lies his work as a sound designer. He has spent countless hours in darkened sound booths crafting rich soundscapes for productions of several theatrical works.

Colin has taught music both in classrooms and private studios. Above all, he encourages people to find their own path through music by exploring the intersections between imagination, knowledge, and technique.

He is also committed to fostering music in the community, having held various administrative and organizational roles in several local arts and not-for-profit organizations.

Colin currently lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. He has been fortunate enough to perform or have his work performed across Canada, as well as in many non-Canadian countries. When not listening to music he can usually be found trying to sniff out a good barbecue joint.


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