Points of Departure

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A Very Welcome (999.00 kb)
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Night Chill (1,175.99 kb)
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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2015
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

Points of Departure is the English translation of François Rose’s Points d’emergence, and the idea of borders—as simultaneously rigid and porous— links the composers and the cultural and aesthetic influences emerging in their music. François Rose is a French Canadian living in the U.S; Linda Catlin Smith, producer Ray Dillard, and myself are American born, but now living in Canada. Nicolas Gilbert’s work crosses genre and applies extra musical narrative touches to his solo vibraphone piece; Catlin Smith’s work, coincidentally enough, also is inspired by literature. Christien Ledroit engages punk rock and nuances of world music; François Rose draws from the drumming of South India; and Isabelle Panneton evokes European and French Canadian expression even as angular gestures and sharp dynamics echo the formidable sonic aggression of a 1960s Japanese marimba repertoire.

Dr. Nicholas Papador holds the position of Principal Timpani with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. An active performer specializing in contemporary music, he is a founding member of Marassa Duo and Noiseborder Ensemble. He was featured as an on screen performer in Matthew Barney’s 2014 film River Of Fundament. He has presented at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Puerto Rico Conservatory International Percussion Festival, the Open Ears Festival of New Music’s Environmental Rhythms, and numerous state and provincial PAS Day of Percussion events. An Associate Composer with the Canadian Music Centre, his compositions also appear with Keyboard Percussion Publications, Alfred Publications, Studio 4 Music, House Panther Press, and Bachovich Music. Papador is an artist endorser for Vic Firth, Sabian, Evans, and Yamaha Canada. He is the current president of the PAS Ontario Chapter and is Associate Professor of Percussion at the University of Windsor.

1. A Very Welcome 5:08

2. Les petites reprises 4:55

3. Ariane endormie 8:49

4. Points d’emergence 15:37

5. Invisible Cities 10:04

6. Night Chill 11:01

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