Sound of Dragon Society

Region: British Columbia
Sound of Dragon Society

Profile Type: Artistic Director


Sound of Dragon Society preserves ancient traditions of Chinese music and celebrates diversity and creativity in the contemporary applications of this music, resulting from the interaction between musicians of various ethnic and musical backgrounds. By presenting musicians and ensembles from different ethnicities, nationalities, and musical trainings/genres, Sound of Dragon Society re-defines Chinese music and reflects Vancouver’s multicultural environment and a highly creative music scene.

The Sound of Dragon Society represents the creativity and diversity of Vancouver’s “Chinese music” community, which has expanded beyond the traditional definition based on ethnic background to include the abundant innovative cross-cultural collaborative projects in the city. With particular emphasis on contemporary application of Chinese traditions, it supports, presents, and encourages the works of our musicians and composers. Sound of Dragon Society produces bi-annual festival in Vancouver and a music season during the years when there is no festival.

The Sound of Dragon Society is the only presenter in Canada devoted to presenting contemporary music of Chinese roots or influences. Although there are a few Chinese ensembles registered as non-profit organizations, they only serve their own ensembles. The majority of the highly achieved professional Chinese ensembles and soloists in Canada have no representation in the presenting organizations, and have no access to public funds requiring non-profit status. The Sound of Dragon Society is the voice of the freelance and professional Chinese Canadian musicians who transform their traditions and strike for innovation in their works. It provides the platform to showcase their works, and the opportunity to collaborate and develop.