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Ontario Notations: Summer 2015

Ontario Notations: Summer 2015

June 28, 2015

Check out our most recent issue of Notations! We feature an article by CMC Associate Composer John Beckwith regarding his piece Wendake/Huronia, written to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Samuel Champlain's voyage to Lake Huron; however, Beckwith also seeks to reflect the impact of colonialism on First Nations communities in the region. Melody McKiver contributes a thought-provoking commentary on the public commemoration of Canada's colonial past, and how indigenous artists assert their identities and histories in such a cultural climate. We also feature an interview with artist Ange Loft regarding her Idle No More community project, and we contrast different approaches to artistic research and collaboration that seek to represent the experiences of First Nations communities.

You will also find out about CMC projects, noteworthy composer news, music reviews, and more!

You can click below to view the magazine in the issuu reader, or click here to view a standard PDF or to download the magazine.

Issue Corrections: Amanda Lowry among issue contributors (page 3)