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First Play: Taktus, Glass Houses for Marimba

First Play: Taktus, Glass Houses for Marimba

July 14, 2015

"Every now and then an album comes along that makes you stop and think, "What a great idea. Why didn't this exist already?" That was our reaction when Glass Houses for Marimba, a new Centrediscs release from the percussion duo Taktus, arrived in our mailbox. Stream the full album above until July 21.

Glass Houses for Marimba is a loving and accomplished tribute to composer Ann Southam, whose collection of solo piano pieces, Glass Houses, has quickly become a modern classic. Southam herself was paying tribute to Philip Glass in her compositions, with a minimalist style that appealed to percussionist Greg Harrison of the marimba duo Taktus..."


Purchase Glass Houses for Marimba here.

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