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Sleeping Giant offers beauty and dissonance

Sleeping Giant offers beauty and dissonance

October 1, 2015

"...Richardson-Schulte, 39, was born in Oxford, England, but her family resettled in Canada when she was still a child. She holds degrees in composition from the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto, and lives in Dundas, Ont. Since 2009, she has been artistic director (with her husband, violinist Michael Schulte) of Chamber Music Hamilton, and since 2012 has been the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s composer-in-residence.

Richardson-Schulte’s impressive body of work includes 10 commissioned orchestral pieces, among them The Hockey Sweater, her immensely popular setting of Roch Carrier’s beloved story, which the Victoria Symphony performed last year in its Concerts for Kids series, with Carrier narrating. She is currently working on a commission for the Victoria Symphony, a score for part of Buster Keaton’s great silent comedy Steamboat Bill, Jr. (This grew out of a film-music workshop she participated in here.).."


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