Thought and Desire

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Nocturnes and Chorals - I (942.73 kb)
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Thoguth and Desire (939.88 kb)
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SKU: CD-EE 2015
Call Number: CD 1685
Ensemble/Performer: Eve Egoyan
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2015
Record Label: Independent

Composer Linda Catlin Smith and pianist Eve Egoyan, two of Canada’s most accomplished and remarkable contemporary music professionals, enjoy a rare symbiosis of musical sensitivity and depth. The three performances on this CD celebrate the poetry of sound, the musical essence of the piano and the experience of listening in fresh and moving ways. Eve and Linda have a long history of working together, and we can sense the vibrant conversation and trust that have been established between composer and pianist.

Linda Catlin Smith, composer
Eve Egoyan, piano

Track Listing:

Nocturnes and Chorales

1. I (4:14)
2. II (2:36)
3. III (5:58)
4. IV (2:23)
5. V (2:16)
6. VI (2:40)
7. VII (3:16)
8. VIII (3:33)
9. IX (4:17)

10. Thought and Desire (9:06)
11. The Underfolding (21:02)

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