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What's the future of opera in Canada?

What's the future of opera in Canada?

November 20, 2015

"With aging audiences and high costs, many opera companies are struggling to stay afloat. Ottawa’s Opera Lyra shut down in the middle of its 31st season last month, claiming its sponsorships, grants, sales and donations were all "below expectations." Opera Hamilton closed in 2014 after years of financial woes. New York City’s Gotham Chamber Opera, which had been hailed over its 15 years for inventive stagings, folded in October after a huge deficit was discovered.

For all the gloomy news, various companies are using new approaches that move beyond clever marketing. Opera Philadelphia recently announced that it was adding a 12-day binge-watching festival to its regular season lineup that will feature newer works performed across six different venues. In 2014, Portland Opera announced it would move from a year-round format to a spring/summer festival..."


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