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Dring, Dring - Ana Sokolović (895.10 kb)
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Thirst - Julia Wolfe (930.20 kb)
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Call Number: CD 1722
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2015
Record Label: Redshift

The Thirst Project

Thirst brings together two innovative ensembles performing dynamic repertoire by two internationally acclaimed composers – Ana Sokolović from Montréal and Julia Wolfe from New York City. Uniting under a shared vision of championing preeminent composers and contemporary chamber music, musica intima and the Turning Point Ensemble join forces in this collaborative venture that merges their performance practices to highlight these exceptional works.

The juxtaposition and integration of vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble and solo cello gives the recording a breadth of sound that is focused by the distinctive approaches of the two composers. A diversity of sonorities is represented in three works by Ana Sokolović – Vez, a solo cello work from 2005 performed by the charismatic Ariel Barnes; Dring, dring, a playful a capella vocal work redesigned here especially for musica intima; and a new commission for the Turning Point Ensemble with the extraordinary title ...and I need a room to receive five thousand people with raised glasses…or…what a glorious day, the birds are singing « halleluia »…

The full realization of vocal and instrumental textures is revealed in the extended work, Thirst, by Julia Wolfe, a dramatic and intense meditation on water utilizing texts from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. The two composers have strong individual identities and aesthetics which incorporate, and transcend their respective backgrounds and musical milieus. Julia Wolfe’s music uses repetition and varied influences to engage the listener and create a depth of expression that is spellbinding. Ana Sokolović combines the musical traditions of her Serbian heritage with her twenty-five year experience in the rich Montreal new music culture, producing a flexible and varied musical language that addresses universal issues and themes. Both are accomplished and distinctive composers with impressive bodies of work.

musica intima and the Turning Point Ensemble are pleased to release this distinctive collection of works, three of which are receiving here their premiere recording.

Owen Underhill – Artistic Director Turning Point Ensemble
Joanna Dundas – Artistic Manager Musica Intima


Performers: musica intima vocal ensemble, Turning Point Ensemble
Producer: Karen Wilson
Recording Engineer: Will Howie
Digital Editing: Will Howie
Mastering: Graemme Brown
French translation: Guillaume Marois, Réjean Marois
Cover Art: Odwak & Sons
Graphic Design: Odwak & Sons
Liner Notes: Owen Underhill
Recorded at: Telus Studio Theatre at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver BC Canada, March 31 and April 1, 2014/Le 31 de mars et 1 d’avril, 2014


1. …and I need a room to receive five thousand people with raised glasses …or … what a glorious day, the birds are singing « halleluia »… (2014)
Ana Sokolović, composer

2. Dring, dring (2010/2014)
Ana Sokolović, composer

3. Vez (2005)
Ana Sokolović, composer
Ariel Barnes, solo cello

4. Thirst (2008)
Julia Wolfe, composer

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