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Daniel Brophy: Biography

Daniel Brophy
Region: Ontario

Daniel Brophy

Since adolescence, my artistic interests have veered toward a cross-section of the technique, aesthetic, and instrumentation of both classical and heavy metal music. Through my training I have learned to blur the edges of these styles into my own dark and complex sonic universe in which I explore the trangressive aspects of life, death, eternity, and nothingness. My works are realized through a number of instrumental combinations from both the classical and metal worlds, with performances by orchestras, chamber and solo concert performers, my extreme metal quartet 30 immolated; 16 returned, and noise outfits pornOnoise and MUGBAIT.

I have performed and lectured internationally on metal and transgression in music with dates in Lausanne (Switzerland), Ann Arbour, Vancouver, Toronto, and as a headliner for Calgary’s Soundasaurus festival and the Edmonton NuMusic at Next Fest. I am a recipient of the 2013 Toronto Harp Society and 2012 KW Chamber Orchestra composition prizes, a SSHRC research grant, University of Alberta’s President’s Award of Distinction, and a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with a number of wonderful musicians, dancers and visual artists that have brought my music to life such as The Toy Piano Composers, The Warzinsky Trio, junctQin, TorQ, Gerry Morita, Jeannie Vanderkerkhove, Werner Friesen and many others.

Currently, I reside in Burlington, Ontario with my family where I am pursuing a Doctorate of Music degree from the University of Alberta where I teach music theory, history, counterpoint, composition, and guitar at the RanDuth music studio.