Composition Date: 1992
Duration: 01:17:28


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Unspecified electronic
Programme Note:
Program notes inserted in container.


  • Call Number:
  • CD 381
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • May 13, 1997
  • Type:
  • Sound recording, commercial
  • Physical Description:
  • 2 compact discs (77:28, 76:56).
  • Additional Information:
  • Electroacoustic music.

    "Contains 51 gems, each no longer than three minutes; fine examples of the latest electroacoustic music..."--Booklet.
    Two Minute Warning/Dave Lindsay -- Contact ! /Daniel Leduc -- Virtual Reality: the first swim/Dan Lander -- Frostie/Frank Koustrup -- Wervelwind/David Keane -- Negatio/John Kamevaar -- Last Night/Bentley Jarvis -- Night-flowering...not even sand-II/James Harley -- La ville machine/Gilles Gobeil -- Hsuan/David Eagle -- Physics of Seduction. Invocation #2/Paul Dolden (with Vivienne Spiteri, harpsichord) -- Studio de nuit/Francis Dhomont -- Solarsystemless/Robert Del Buono -- Tesla's Dream/Bruno Degazio -- Joie/Yves Daoust -- Zero and One: Stations and Directions/ Darren Copeland -- It's about time/Gustav Ciamaga -- Attraction/Ned Bouhalassa -- Immersion/ Egils Bebris -- Tablao/Sergio Barroso -- Radio >>PERSPECTIVES->->/Wende Bartley, Claude Schryer, Philip Szporer -- Nocturne (white streak on film)/Mara Zibens -- Flat Water/Gayle Young -- Le jardin des larmes rouilles/Wes R.D. Wraggett -- A Ward of the Government/E.C. Woodley -- Alchimie/Pascal Trudel -- Evening/Barry Truax -- Poland is not yet lost/Paul Steenhuisen -- Neanderthals in a phone booth/Fred Semeniuk -- A Soundwalk int he Rain of St-John's NFLD/Claude Schryer -- Pentacle/Denis Saindon -- Mimetisma/Stephane Roy -- Silence, j'ecoute/Frederic Roverselli -- Signal Hill/Robert J. Rosen -- Twisted Mirror, Shattered Dream/Bob Pritchard -- Qui suis-je/Claire Piche -- Victories Over Us/Jamie Philp -- Colere/Robert Normandeau -- Electric Interlude/Chris Meloche -- Radio >convergence
    Additional People:
    David Keane
    Robert Joseph Rosen
    Barry Truax
    David Eagle
    Paul Dolden
    Claude Schryer
    Bruno Degazio
    James Harley
    Yves Daoust
    Robert Pritchard
    Paul Steenhuisen
    Bentley Jarvis
    Gustav Ciamaga
    Robert Normandeau
    Gilles Gobeil
    John Kamevaar
    Sergio Barroso
    Robert Del Buono
    Dan Lander
    Francis Dhomont
    Stéphane Roy
    Darren Copeland
    Egils Bebris
    Ned Bouhalassa
    Frank Koustrup
    Daniel Leduc
    Dave Lindsay
    Chris Meloche
    Jamie Philp
    Claire Piché
    Frédéric Roverselli
    Denis Saindon
    Fred Semeniuk
    Pascale Trudel
    E.C. Woodley
    rd wraggett
    Gayle Young
    Mara Zibens
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