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CMC-OBA Invitation to Bands

CMC-OBA Invitation to Bands

November 11, 2016

Organized by the Ontario Band Association and the Canadian Music Centre

The Canadian Music Centre (Ontario Region) and the Ontario Band Association are presenting the fourth instalment of the Wind Composition project, a collaborative workshop that stimulates greater interest in contemporary Canadian educational band repertoire. This edition of the workshop will create direct relationships between individual composers and bands, so that one band will be dedicated to rehearsing and recording/performing one piece. Bands can apply through an online form (embedded below). For anyone who is interested, the call for scores is available here.

Benefits to you:

  • This is an opportunity for your group to build a meaningful relationship to a Canadian composer.
  • You can introduce your students, community members, and audiences to contemporary Canadian repertoire in a personal way.
  • You will become part of an ongoing dialogue with composers and help to bridge musical worlds and generate more contemporary Canadian repertoire for band.
  • Your expertise is uniquely valuable to a composer who might have limited experiences working with student and community ensembles, and those composers will also benefit from the experience.

Deadline for band applications: January 20, 2017

Background: For the past 3 years, the Ontario Band Association and the Canadian Music Centre have been coordinating reading sessions with concert bands in Ontario. These sessions are intended to give composers an opportunity to work with a conductor and ensemble, hear their piece played live, and get feedback regarding orchestration, notation, and so on. The ensembles are given a unique opportunity to engage with several new works, build relationships with a variety of composers, and help to develop the skills of composers interested in band music.

In each of the first 3 years, we had one band reading roughly 10 pieces in one afternoon session. The CMC and OBA are seeking to enhance the reading project this coming year by changing the format:

  • we will be pairing a composer and a band for an extended collaboration
  • the composer will have preliminary discussions with the conductor/artistic director to prep their piece
  • the band will have access to parts and score earlier in the process
  • the composer will spend a minimum of 2-3 hours with the band working on the piece

The primary objective is allowing a deeper engagement with the piece, and more time for the composer to benefit from the experiences of the ensemble and conductor. In the next two months we are contacting a variety of conductors and ensembles to assemble roughly 6-10 groups to participate.

You and your ensemble could be one of the featured groups. We aim to pair bands with composers based on region, and pieces based on suitability for the group. We would also discuss opportunities for recording the reading session.

*Note: if you conduct a student ensemble and you require a police check for any voluntary participants in your classroom (such as a visiting composer), where possible organizers will coordinate with you provide a fee for the police check.

General timeline for the project:

  • November-January: Secure commitment of concert bands, and call for scores is posted and promoted
  • January-February: Jury reviews score submissions and decides on participants in consultation
  • February-May: rehearsals and readings take place

For information please contact Matthew Fava (mfava@musiccentre.ca, 416.961.6601 x 207)