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SKU: CD-WWR 2017-01
Call Number: CD 1761
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2017
Record Label: Independent

The song cycle Crazy, explores the border territory around the edge of beauty. At times, the music references composers who have written incredible music. while dealing with a range of issues that fall outside the bell curve that most would associate with "normal." Obsession, dominance, lust and pain are the themes that cycle through the five movements, with hints of Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Schumann, Berlioz, Tarrega, and Grainger providing reference points along the way.

Composer: T. Patrick Carrabré


Naomi Forman - voice, harmonica, bass guitar, whistling
Mary Jo Carrabré - piano
T. Patrick Carrabré - electronics, glockenspiel, frame drum

Track Listing:


1. Death (6:24)
2. Murder (4:58)
3. Lust (4:17)
4. Burnt (4:07)
5. Pain (5:00)

6. The Garden (3:05)

7. Pain (Audiation Remix) (3:40)

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