Calling: Instrumental Works, 2006-2016

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Year of Release: 2018
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

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Instrumental Works 2006-2016

Music by John Beckwith

Calling is a collection of instrumental works composed between 2006 and 2016, performed by New Music Concerts Ensemble, pianist Bruce Mather and the Accordes String Quartet, clarinetist Peter Stoll with pianist Adam Zukiewicz, pianist Barbara Pritchard, flutist Robert Aitken with pianist William Aide, and guitarist Peter Higham. The present release is an instrumental companion to the vocal CD Avowals (Centrediscs, CMCCD 12907, 2007).

John Beckwith marked his ninetieth birthday in March 2017. He has been composing for over seventy years, with a total so far of over 160 works in many different forms. Since his early retirement in 1990 from his long-time position with the University of Toronto music faculty, his premieres have included the orchestral works, the opera Taptoo!, some major choral works such as Wendake/Huronia, the song-cycle Stacey, as well as approximately two dozen pieces for various chamber ensembles, some of which are featured on this recording.


Calling (L’appel) est une collection d’oeuvres instrumentales composées entre 2006 et 2016 avec la participation de New Music Concerts Ensemble, le pianiste Bruce Mather, le quatuor à cordes Accordes, le clarinettiste Peter Stoll avec pianiste Adam Zukiewicz, la pianiste Barbara Pritchard, le flûtiste Robert Aitken avec pianiste William Aide et le guitariste Peter Higham. Le disque actuel est le pendant du CD vocal Avowals (Centredisques, CMCCD 12907, 2007).

John Beckwith a fêté son 90e anniversaire en mars 2017. Il compose depuis plus de soixante-dix ans et compte à son actif plus de 160 oeuvres de maintes formes différentes. Professeur de longue date à la Faculté de musique de l’Université de Toronto, il a pris sa retraite en 1990. Figurent au nombre de ses créations des oeuvres orchestrales, l’opéra Taptoo!, des grandes pièces chorales tel que Wendake/Huronia, le cycle de mélodies Stacey, ainsi qu’environ deux douzaines de pièces pour divers ensembles de musique de chambre, dont certains sont présentés sur cet enregistrement.

1. Calling (2016) - 8:26
New Music Concerts Ensemble

2. Fractions (2006) - 12:25
Bruce Mather, Carrillo piano
Accordes String Quartet

Follow Me (2013)
3. First movement - 2:24
4. Second movement - 3:01
5. Third movement - 5:41
Peter Stoll, clarinet/clarinette
Adam Zukiewicz, piano

Pages (2015-16)
6. First movement - 0:59
7. Second movement - 1:05
8. Third movement - 2:10
9. Fourth movement - 0:58
Barbara Pritchard, piano

10. Sonatina on “Mari’s Wedding” (2013) - 6:06
Robert Aitken, flute/flûte
William Aide, piano

Ut re mi fa sol la: six fantasies for guitar (2013)
11. No. 1 - 2:50
12. No. 2 - 1:59
13. No. 3 - 3:17
14. No. 4 - 2:16
15. No. 5 - 1:50
16. No. 6 - 3:26
Peter Higham, guitar/guitare

17. Quintet (2015) - 10:23
New Music Concerts Ensemble

Release Date / Date de sortie: 16.02.2018

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