Album Launch - Symphonova: La Patrie-Our Canada

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Event Title: Album Launch - Symphonova: La Patrie-Our Canada
  • Region: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: CHANGE OF VENUE: Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre, 345 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Price: $Free with RSVP
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Due to the temporary closure of the CMC, this event has been moved to the Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre


A musical celebration of past and future:
Canadian Classical Heritage meets cutting-edge technologies

As Canada celebrates its 150th year, Centrediscs presents a sound document of eight decades of symphonic composition by Canadian composers. Curated by Professor Elaine Keillor C.M., the CD includes eight works published by the Canadian Musical Heritage Society that have not been previously recorded on CD and rarely performed. A debut recording by the pioneering Symphonova Orchestra, the CD is a celebration of technological innovation in the service of the classical-music heritage.

Canadian music advocate, pianist and musicologist Elaine Keillor C.M., joins forces with Julliard graduate, pianist, conductor and music-technologist Shelley Katz and his innovative Symphonova Orchestra to celebrate Canada’s Sesquicentennial with a recording featuring works by Canadian composers. Repertoire includes a selection of works by Calixa Lavallée, Clarence Lucas, Rodolphe Mathieu, Ernest MacMillan, Murray Adaskin, Violet Archer, George-Émile Tanguay and John Weinzweig.

The Symphonova is, without exaggeration, a first-of-its-kind: by using a collection of cutting-edge technologies, a small ensemble led by a conductor creates the full symphonic sound and musical experience of a large orchestra - anywhere. The technologies include virtual acoustics, a system capable of transforming venues into versatile and superior concert spaces, a newly-developed conducting wand that enables the conductor to fully control timing and expression of the virtual instruments, and Instrumental Loudspeakers, a unique method for authentic sound propagation by converting actual musical instruments into loudspeakers, which are used to augment the sound of the musicians. From a musical perspective, Symphonova’s small setting enables a chamber-music approach to the biggest and most challenging scores. With its unique constellation combining artistry and technological advancement, Symphonova is now a reality that opens new and exciting opportunities for musicians and audiences.

With an illustrative talk by Shelley Katz, who will present some of
Symphonova technologies and discuss its vision.

Reception to follow.