Prayer for Frank

February 16, 2019

I was going through my Facebook notifications in November 2018, when I noticed that Frank Wallace had come through a difficult year of health issues. Through Frank’s postings over the years, I noted that we shared similar interests, like writing for guitar and voice, or being inspired by medieval music, so I was happy to hear of his return to health. Having had a year with some health issues myself; I was glad that both of us were still active and relatively healthy.

This piece developed from that sentiment: creators make our aspirations manifest through our work. My list of works includes numerous birthday wishes for friends, but this required a more sombre tone. I began building from a rising arpeggio - F major 13 - and started to string some complex chords together with a melody. Frank’s work has some pretty dense harmonies, so this language seemed appropriate.

Since sending this work to Frank, we have corresponded more often and our kinship has grown.

William Beauvais
February 16, 2019
Toronto Ontario