for piano solo

Justin Mariner
Composition Date: 1997
Duration: 00:07:00
Genre: Keyboard, Piano, One Keyboard, Two Hands


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Piano
Programme Note:
Musicians often use the term 'logic' to describe a certain impression a listener may get: that events unfold in a natural, organic way, and that everything happens more or less as one might expect. During the first two minutes of loJic, a steady progression takes place as a musical pattern gradually reveals itself. The pattern is too complex to grasp at first, but the amount of material is reduced over the course of many repetitions. This progression is taken past its limits, and the pattern moves beyond clarity towards crudity. At this point, logic breaks down, and severely limited materials explode into a variety of elements. Factors other than logic intrude and assert themselves... perhaps even the composer's personality.

LoJic was composed between September and December of 1997.

Premiere Information:
March 13, 1998, Pollack Hall / Salle Pollack, Montreal, Québec; Jeremy Thompson, piano.


  • Call Number:
  • MI 2110 M338loj 1997
  • Genre:
  • Keyboard, Piano, One Keyboard, Two Hands
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • March 30, 2004
  • Type:
  • Print-music, Published by CMC
  • Physical Description:
  • 1 score ((16) p.) ; 28 cm.
    16 Pages
    Height: 28 cm
    Width: 22 cm
  • Additional Information:
  • For solo piano.

    Photocopy; master of score in CMC Toronto.
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loJic for piano solo
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