Songs of Love

Erhei Liang
Erhei Liang


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Programme Note:
According to Chinese wedding tradition, the leaves of the mimosa flower symbolize a perfect, harmonious, sexual union between a husband and his wife. The significance is also clear in many other cultures when husbands and wives give each other mimosa flowers as gifts.
Rich in the symbolic meaning of the mimosa flowers, Songs of Love, the 5-act (11-scenes) musical, tells of an ancient love story based on the legend of the creator couple in Chinese mythology. The couple do not have their names shown in the play, but they are called Pan Gu and Nu-Wa in the original play.
Separated for millions of years, this creator couple finally meets again as lovers who do not know each other. Falling in love at first sight, their relationship becomes so impassioned that they must stay together or die. After "Unaware" (Scene I, Act I), "Search" (Scene II, Act II), "Running in the Night" (Scene III, Act I), and "Dreams" (Scene IV, Act I), they enter the stage of Happy Union" (Scene I, Act II), in which they enjoy every moment of their passionate unity. Telling each other of their past, they are thrilled to discover that they were the very couple that created humanity.
They cry and sing with happy tears ("Rejoice," Scene I Act II, and "hymn of Harmony," Scene II), amazed at the work they once did in creating humans. The memory of their beautiful, peaceful past life ("Country Song," Scene II Act III) brings them to a mournful tune ("An Ancient Loss," (Scene I Act III) and a heartfelt prayer of the ruin and destruction caused by wars ("The Lament," Scene I of Act IV, and "Song of Mourning," Scene II). In "The Echoing Wall" (Monologue of Act V), the couple call for each other and for the Goddess of Peace. Hearing their heart-wrenching cries, the earth itself appears to be moved, and a new day dawns, symbolizing the second coming of the prosperity and power China once enjoyed.
Credits: Chuan Sha
Creator: Chuan Sha
Subject: Songs of Love | Chinese mythology
Date Created: 2008


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  • January 20, 2009
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  • Print-music, Published by CMC
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Songs of Love
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