Compositional crossroads
music, McGill, Montreal / edited by Eleanor V. Stubley

Title:Compositional crossroads music, McGill, Montreal / edited by Eleanor V. Stubley
Release Date:2008

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Call Number:MT 5 M81 M14 2007
Date of Acquisition:10 Jul, 2009
Physical Description:viii, 369 p. : music, ports. ; 23 cm.
Additional Information:Includes bibliographical references and index. Letter from the Dean Acknowledgements Introduction: Crossroads Part one: Mapping the infrastructures of the Faculty of Music, McGill University, as a centre for new music 1. Robin Elliott; Istvan Anhalt and new music at McGill 2. alcides lanza and Meg Sheppard; A brief history of McGill University's Electronic Music Studio, 1964-2004: alcides lanza in conversation with Meg Sheppard 3. John Rea; Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher: visiting foreign artist residencies at McGill's Faculty of Music 4. Paul Pedersen; McGill University Records, 1976-1990: a brief history 5. James Harley; The making of new music: composer as collaborator 6. Laurie Radford; From mixed up to mixin' it up: evolving paradigms in electronic music performance practice Part two: Composer-work studies 7. Bruce Mather; The lost recital: an analysis of Bengt Hambraeus's 'Carillon for two pianos' 8. Pamela Jones; The soles of his feet: alcides lanza reconnects with his roots 9. Neil Middleton; Hidden meanings in Brian Cherney's 'Die klingende Zeit' 10. Steven Huebner; Bruce Mather's 'Theatre de l'ame' 11. Jerome Blais; 'Music under the influence': on la necessite exterieure in the music of John Rea 12. Patrick Levesque; Illusions, collapsing worlds, and magic realism: the music of Denys Bouliane Epilogue: The Schulich School of Music Hearing the future Chronology Appendices 1. Recordings 2. The aims and philosophy of McGill University Records Index
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Published By:McGill-Queen's University Press
Author:Eleanor Victoria Stubley
Additional People:Denys Bouliane, Bengt Hambraeus, John Rea, Brian Cherney, Alcides Lanza, Paul Pedersen, Bruce Mather, James Harley, Meg Sheppard, Jérôme Blais, Laurie Radford, Robin Elliott
Language:Main language: English
Degree of Difficulty:Advanced
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