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Gerhard Wuensch: Biography

Gerhard Wuensch
1925 - 2007
Region: Ontario

Gerhard Wuensch

DR. GERHARD WUENSCH (1925-2007), who lived in London, Ontario, was born in Austria. After receiving a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Vienna in 1950, and a diploma in composition and piano from the State Academy of Music in Vienna in 1952, he continued his studies in theory with Paul Pisk at the University of Texas. He then went on to teach at Butler University in Indiana from 1956-63.

In Canada since 1964, he held positions at the University of Toronto from 1964-69 and at the University of Calgary from 1969-73, before becoming Professor of theory and composition at the University of Western Ontario where he is still in residence.

Wuensch's musical convictions are simple ones: " I always try to write music which is accessible to the widest possible audience, reasonably well crafted and economical, in that it requires a minimum of rehearsal time. By today's standards of "New Music", my style is hopelessly outdated (I have even been known to employ key-signatures occasionally). Music critics tend to dismiss my music outright, while other composers at best tolerate it with a condescending smile."




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