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Signalling a Musical Sea Change | Composer Alexina Louie and cellist Rachel Mercer08 Nov 2019
Alexina Louie gets a rare honour for a Canadian composer: glory while she’s alive07 Oct 2019
Neil Crory’s Legacy of Support03 Sep 2019
Esprit Orchestra Announces 2019-2020 Concert Season15 Aug 2019
Félicitations à Alexina Louie d’avoir remporté le prix Molson du Conseil des Arts du Canada12 Jun 2019
Congratulations to Alexina Louie for winning the Canada Council Molson Prize12 Jun 2019
Beyond acceptance: Pianist Louise Bessette invites audience to open hearts to living composers23 Apr 2019
Alex Pauk’s Esprit: Wave After Wave11 Mar 2019
5 Questions to Christina Petrowska Quilico (pianist)07 Nov 2018
Announcing CMC BC’s 2018/19 Concert Series: Season 3!01 Aug 2018
Talking with composers: Alexina Louie06 Jul 2017
Exciting season finale in store for Huronia Symphony09 May 2017
Toronto Symphony Orchestra unveils its final Oundjian-led season 25 Jan 2017
Toronto Symphony Orchestra unveils its final Oundjian-led season 25 Jan 2017
Open Waters new music festival opens Friday06 Jan 2017
Ottawa’s Chamberfest goes truly international22 Aug 2016
Cathy Fern Lewis: Hot Off the Casse-Tête Trail06 Jul 2016
In review: Squeezebox12 Feb 2016
Overwhelmingly male slate mars New Music Festival04 Feb 2016
Ontario Notations: Fall 201522 Nov 2015
Ontario Notations: Fall 201522 Nov 2015
‘Loud, fat and chaotic’ music gets Canadian debut16 Nov 2015
The Future of Canadian Music, Back Then13 Oct 2015
Turning Point Ensemble Launches 10th Season with MUSIC OF A THOUSAND AUTUMNS Tonight07 Oct 2015
Turning Point Ensemble's Music of a Thousand Autumns mines the past06 Oct 2015
New Music Concerts - Season Announcements10 Aug 2015
Students delve deep into Canada's history12 May 2015
10 pieces by living Canadian composers that you will love 16 Dec 2014
Prince Edward County Celebrates Canada's Classical Music Composers and Performers16 Oct 2014
Royal Conservatory's 21C Music Festival gives living composers their due20 May 2014
Lawrence Cherney Inter~Nationalist03 Dec 2013
Mount Allison Chamber Orchestra to present concert21 Nov 2013
Centrepulse: November 14 201315 Nov 2013
Centrepulse: November 7 201312 Nov 2013
CentrePulse: October 31 201305 Nov 2013
CentrePulse: October 17 201322 Oct 2013
Fuhong Shi Closes the Distance17 Oct 2013
October 10 2013 Centrepulse: Western Canadian Music Award Winners!15 Oct 2013
Vancouver New Music Festival 2013 : October 16 – 19, 201310 Oct 2013
Oct 3 2013 Centrepulse08 Oct 2013
NAC Orchestra kicks off tour with sold-out concert08 Oct 2013
From Bach to Frère Jacques, Orchestra brings musical education to eager students in China 08 Oct 2013
Seventeen CMC Associate Composer’s works to be performed at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche02 Oct 2013
Alexina Louie finds her voice by returning to her heritage26 Sep 2013
Sept 12 2013 Centrepulse: New Articles, Concerts and Opportunities Added!13 Sep 2013
September 5 2013 Centrepulse: National Youth Orchestra of Canada06 Sep 2013
August 29 2013 Centrepulse: A Forum on Copyright & the Arts04 Sep 2013
August 22 2013 Centrepulse: September Concert Listings23 Aug 2013
Toronto's Soundstreams make wave in Chinese debut31 May 2013
May 23 2013 Centrepulse: June Concert Listings24 May 2013
NAC Orchestra poised for extensive Chinese tour15 Apr 2013
National Arts Centre Orchestra heads to China on major tour15 Apr 2013
Classical diplomacy: Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra to tour China next fall 15 Apr 2013
Feb 28 2013 CentrePulse: New Events Added At BC Creative Hub!25 Mar 2013
March 23: Ottawa’s Jacqueline Newton helps Cheng2duo reach their dreams 21 Mar 2013
Labour of Love: The Making of Pearls of the Far East 20 Mar 2013
Notations - Spring 201312 Mar 2013
Canadian Music Centre’s Centrediscs Recording Label receives a 2013 JUNO Award Nomination in the Classical Composition of the Year category19 Feb 2013
Video: Alexina Louie20 Nov 2012
Spotlight on unheralded composers 20 Nov 2012
How An Orchestra Found Success With an Oil Company16 Nov 2012
Mark this date: the National Arts Centre orchestra performs Oct. 27 in Iqaluit05 Nov 2012
The language everyone can understand: music - NAC orchestra delights Iqaluit audiences05 Nov 2012
NACO in the North: It’s lesson time in Yellowknife05 Nov 2012
Notations - Winter 200622 Aug 2012
Prairie Sounds - Spring 201131 Jul 2012
cmcEntre news - #631 Jul 2012
cmcEntre news - #131 Jul 2012
Notations - Winter 200526 Jun 2012
NOTATIONS - SUMMER, 200407 Jun 2012
NOTATIONS - WINTER 200406 Jun 2012
NOTATIONS - WINTER 200328 May 2012